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Fundamental Research

  • Samples of integrated transport diagrams based on high speed rail transportation. Integrated transport diagram is based on route network of high speed, feeder and district-to-district passenger transport.

  • Flywheel energy storage systems in railway electrification (e.g. small Moscow railway ring)

  • Monography. A.Z.Tsfasman, D.V.Alpaev. Circadian rhythm of blood pressure against the background of changing daily life rhythm.

The monograph is about a poorly investigated subject - circadian rhythm of blood pressure of those awake who worked overnight. It is about those working at night shift and those working exclusively at night. They refer to one fifth of economically active population in the industrially developed countries.

  • Capacity storage

  • Cryogenic superconductor equipment

Equalizing a transformer substation load via superconductive inductive storage unit.

  • Sputnik” electric train passive protection against head-on collisions

Fracture patterns of electric train load carrying structures at head-on collisions.

  • Mathematic modeling and simulation of transport infrastructure structures using finite element method.

All stages of cracking and crack propagation can be traced on finite element model of ballastless bridge floor slab. For instance the cause of transverse and diagonal cracking is revealed.

  • Simulation of heat and deformation processes and structure formation in the rolling stock components under operational and technological impact

Strain state and stress intensity under the vertical impact load of 10 tons.

  • Multi-level mathematical models of full-scale facilities and the most loaded local zones

  • Methods of expert evaluation of workability of technical system elements

Development of the most efficient options of railway equipment units and components (under designing and repair) is directly connected to strength evaluation.

  • SHS-ARS anchor reinforced concrete sleepers with ARS-4 spring anchor rail fastening

SHS-ARS anchor reinforced concrete sleeper with ARS-4 spring anchor rail fastening is designed for attaching rails to concrete slabs of jointed and continuous welded railway track on tangent and curved track sections (no limits) including high-speed mainlines with any intensity of freight traffic and rolling stock axial load as well as in tunnels and metro.