Russian Language Center

For foreign students who do not speak or have a poor level of Russian, RUT (MIIT) provides a special department, in which students are prepared for further higher education at RUT (MIIT). In addition to the Russian language, students study subjects that correspond to their further profile education (mathematics, physics, etc.). The preparatory faculty is designed for one or one and a half years. During this time, students get acquainted with Russian culture, mentality and the city of Moscow.

Information on the pre-university training program for foreign citizens. The entire program is designed for 1182 hours of practical training. Training lasts for 1 year of study (2 semesters). In the first semester, they study the Russian language (general knowledge, phonetics, and scientific style), in the second semester, specialized subjects are added depending on the chosen direction:

  1. Engineering and technical (mathematics, computer science, physics, and engineering graphics)
  2. Economic (mathematics, computer science, history, and social studies)

If the applicant already has an idea of what profile he will study in the higher education program, then choosing the necessary direction of preparation, he will study the subjects that are taken at the entrance examinations for admission to higher education programs. Persons who have a document of education not lower than the level of basic general secondary (i.e. 9 classes) are allowed to study. Classes are held on weekdays (Monday to Friday) during the daytime. One pair of times lasts 1.5 hours (2 academic hours for 45 minutes). There can be from 2 to 4 pairs per day, depending on the schedule. The cost of training is 160,000 rubles per year. The beginning of training - as the group is formed. The group can be from 7 to 15 people.

To apply for this course, you must provide documents:

  1. Passport + notarized translation into Russian
  2. Document on education with an attachment + notarized translation into Russian
  3. Completed application form (attached)
  4. Signed application with the selected study profile (attached)

Upon arrival in the Russian Federation and upon settling into the dormitory, you must provide a health certificate, a certificate of the absence of HIV, and a negative PCR test for COVID-19. All international students must have health insurance. You can buy it from us, the cost of insurance is 6,500 rubles per year. The cost of the dormitory depends on the floor and accommodation conditions - from 3,000 rubles per month. If it is possible to start studying online, then the student arrives and goes to full-time education. With add. information can be found at the link:

If you have any questions please contact us