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Institute of Legal Studies

Today Institute of Legal Studies is one of the leading institutes within MIIT. It is ranked third among law higher educational institutions. In October 2012 MIIT’s Institute of Legal Studies celebrated its 20th anniversary. By this milestone birthday it proved itself being dynamically developing institute providing high quality education.

The Institute is headed by professor Nikolai A.Dukhno, Doctor of Legal Sciences.

Institute of Legal Studies offers higher professional education in the prestige specialities and study programs as follows:

Bachelor Studies:

  • Study program



Civil law, Criminal law, International law, Transport law, Banking law

  • Study program



Taxes and Taxation

  • Study program

Records management and archival science


Records management and document support of management; Records management and document support of management of an enterprise; State, municipal and commercial HR management.

Specialist Program:

  • Speciality



Customs charges and currency regulation, Customs logistics, Merchandizing and customs examination of goods, Customs management

  • Speciality



Engineering audits

  • Speciality

Law enforcement



  • Speciality

Legal support of national security


Criminal law

Master Studies:

  • Study program



Legal basics of state and corporate management (on transport),

Business law. Commercial law.

Financial law.

  • Study program


Master program

Corporate taxation

Institute of Legal Studies provides all forms of studies – full-time courses, part-time courses (evening courses), extramural courses, distance learning, accelerated second higher education and professional development programs.

Institute of Legal Studies is geared toward training highly qualified, competitive specialists who are able to succeed in their careers. The students undergo internship in various departments of Russian Railways, in arbitration court, bar associations, investigative departments of public prosecution offices, etc. The Institute graduates can find job opportunities in the Federal Agency of Railway Transport, Russian Railways and the Central excise customs.

Since September 1, 2012 new extramural education method using distance learning technologies has been introduced, and everyone anywhere in the world who wishes to do so can receive higher education in a state accredited institute of higher learning without leaving his or her place of residence during exams.

With a view to ensuring continuity and consistency of education based on step-by-step training Law college was established and has been successfully operating in Institute of Legal Studies. The college graduates have right to enter Institute for an accelerated course of studies in order to receive higher professional education.

Law College majors:

  • Law and social security

  • Land and Property

  • Insurance business

  • Document support of management and archival science

Post-Graduate Studies Program of Institute of Legal Studies:

  • Theory and history of law and state; history of law and state doctrines

  • Civil law; Entrepreneurial law; Family law; Private international law

  • Natural resources law; Agrarian law; Environmental law

  • Criminal process, criminalistics; Investigative activities

About 40 doctors of science and engineering and around 100 candidates of science work in Institute of Legal Studies. In addition to nine chairs unifying all academic staff, "Customs activities" chair has been organized on the basis of Central Customs.

High quality of education warrants success and ensures solid position of the Institute in the rapidly changing world. Its graduates are in demand on the labor market and keep receiving complimentary remarks from their employers. The best graduates make up personnel reserve of various enterprises of Russian Railways, Federal Agency of Railway Transport as well as other organizations and agencies.


Reception office of the president: (495) 684-28-85

Fax: (495) 684-28-49

E-mail: info@ui-miit.ru

Academic office: Tel.: (495) 684-23-05

HR: (495) 684-29-24

Law college: (495) 684-29-24

Admission office:

8 (499) 262-20-88,

8 (968) 408-43-00,

8 (985) 424-93-30

Website of Institute of Legal Studies: http://ui-miit.ru