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Research Institute of Transport and Transport Construction

Main lines of research of Transport and Transport Construction Institute of MIIT for 2014-1016

Work package for wide introduction of ARS-type fastening (anchor rail fastening) within Russian Railways system, Moscow Metro, city facilities including:

  • Control over quality of products of manufacturers producing elements of ARS fastenings, certification testing;
  • Control over quality of track-laying and maintenance of track using ARS fastenings;
  • Introduction of ARS fastenings in the CIS countries;
  • Introduction of ARS fastenings in Siberia and Far East.

Implementation of international projects in the fields as follows:

  • To provide smart services and analysis of transport infrastructure - to work on new technologies aimed at improving operating life of existing railway infrastructure (open track, transit zones, bridges and tunnels);
  • To set up European-Asian R&D railway network unifying organizations and researchers of both continents. The network will apply existing and new knowledge on technologies, solutions compatibility, infrastructure optimization, available functions and services and will contribute to optimization of railway transportation between Europe and Asia.

To carry out a work package to further developing and improving methods of energy deposition of water and heat supply to railway facilities (depots, plants, car water servicing points, office buildings, boilers) as well as systems of water and heat supply of rolling stock:

  • To introduce the above methods at water and heat supply facilities of OJSC “Federal Passenger Company”;
  • To work out and approve regulatory documents on introduction of the above methods.

Promising research in the field of concrete products:

  • To increase service life of reinforced concrete for transport facilities; to analyse main causes of transport facilities concrete disruptions; to work out methods of making higher durable concretes for transport structures;
  • To develop special concretes for transport structures;
  • Concretes for roadways;
  • Concretes for noise screens of road- and railways;
  • Concretes for reinforced-concrete tubing of subway tunnels built under difficult conditions of construction and operation.

Practical studies:

  • To investigate strength, density and frost resistance of concrete for roadways; to work out specifications for roadway structures;
  • To evaluate grain size composition and determine maximum poly-roll under optimum moisture content of soil columns;

To survey artificial structure conditions on federal roadways:

  • To work out GOST R national standard “Requirements for diagnostics and classification of roadway artificial structures”.
  • To work out road industry methodological document to survey roadway bridge structure conditions.
  • To participate in tenders and auctions in 2014 for works geared at inspecting rail- and roadways, artificial structures in Moscow, Kaluga, Tver, Tula, Sakhalin, Volgograd regions.
  • To participate in tenders and auctions in 2014 for works in the field of artificial structures required for Russian Railways and Federal Agency of Railway Transport.

To improve and expand functional capabilities of AB-UE automatic block system (unified micro-processor automatic block system):

  • To work out lightning impulse and commutating voltage protection devices for AB-UE automatic block system instruments.
  • To work out control system for rail track circuit.