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University Media

There are three main information instruments at the University united by common corporate spirit and goals: “Ingener Transporta” (“The Transport Engineer”) newspaper and editorial offices of MIIT Radio and Television (TV).

The University’s “Ingener Transporta” newspaper has been coming out since 1924 and its publication has practically never stopped, except for the period of the Great Patriotic War when MIIT was evacuated to Novosibirsk.

Today “Ingener Transporta” is an eight-page full-color, size A-3 bimonthly edition of 1,800 copies. A part of the run is circulated among major transport companies, railway directorates, Government offices. However it is mainly distributed at the institutes and the University’s structural units.

Both highly skilled mature journalists and very young people interested in and apt to journalism work in editorial offices.

The subject matter of newspaper publications is most diverse: international contacts of the University, scientific conferences, pedagogical innovations, life of several thousand strong student body, sports, artistic endeavors, basically everything pertaining to all sorts of multifaceted activities underway in such a huge mechanism as University. “Ingener Transporta” newspaper has been recognized as the best corporate student edition in Moscow.

MIIT Radio broadcasts daily mainly during long breaks between the classes. Apart from University news the subject matter includes education-related Federal news and news about transport sector and railway transport in particular. This is done against background pop-music. The Radio editorial office is headed by a professional radio journalist.

MIIT TV has modern equipment for professional filming of all significant events at the University. The TV footage is then displayed at corporate website and is available for viewing by all visitors.

In terms of organization MIIT Radio, TV and newspaper report to united “Ingener Transporta” newspaper editorial board. This makes it possible to effectively distribute editorial creative force and resources and in the long run create an information product of high quality. The united editorial board is headed by a professional journalist with extensive creative track record.

Editorial e-mail: it1924@mail.ru.