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Institute of Transport Engineering and Сontrol Systems (ITTSU)

Historical Background

The history of the Institute of Transport Engineering and Control Systems traces back to the incorporation of Higher technical courses of the People’s Commissariat of transport into MIIT in 1924. In its current status the Institute of Transport Engineering and Control Systems was established on January 1, 2011 and became the largest institute within the University. The Institute trains specialists in the field of rolling stock, track maintenance vehicles, railway safety and operation management, railway automation and signalling, transport telecommunications, electric transport, rail transport electric power supply, technical systems control and informatics, computer security, metrology and metrological support. The Institute’s students undergo curricular practical training, on-site and pre-diploma training at the leading transport enterprises in Moscow, Moscow region, other Russian cities and abroad.

There are 20 Chairs in the Institute:

  • Transport automation and telemechanics (signaling)
  • Health and safety
  • Rail cars and rail car facilities
  • Calculus
  • Management
  • Foreign languages – 4
  • Electric traction
  • Innovative technologies
  • Locomotives and locomotive facilities
  • Engineering science, designing, standardization and certification
  • Track maintenance vehicles, track laying and building machines and robot systems
  • Radio engineering and telecommunications
  • Electric engineering theoretical basics
  • Railway heat power engineering
  • Transport machine building and rolling stock repairs technology
  • Control and informatics in technical systems
  • Physical training in ITTSU
  • Electronics and information security
  • Electric engineering, metrology and power engineering
  • Power supply on electric railways

Higher education

Specialities (majors):

  • 090301 Computer security (Information security of IT units on the basis of computer systems)
  • 190109 Ground transport and handling facilities (Hoisting, construction, track vehicles and equipment)
  • 190901 Railway traffic control systems (Railway automation and telemechanics) (Railway telecommunication systems and networks) (Railway power supply)
  • 190300 Rolling stock (Rail cars); (Locomotives); (Electric railway transport) (Rolling stock production and repairs technology)

Bachelor studies (profile):

  • 080200 Management (Corporate management) (HR management)
  • 080400 Personnel management (Corporate personnel management)
  • 100100 Service Service on transport)
  • 140100 Heat-power and heat-process engineering (Industrial heat-power engineering)
  • 151900 Design and manufacturing support for machine building (Machine building technology)
  • 190100 Ground transport and handling facilities (Hoisting, construction, track vehicles and equipment)
  • 221700 Standardization and metrology (Metrology and metrological support) (Standardization and certification)
  • 220400 Management in technical systems (Management and informatics in technical systems) (Automation of technical processes systems and equipment)
  • 221100 Mechatronics and robotics (Robots and robotic systems)
  • 222000 Innovation (Innovations management (by industries and sectors of economy)) (R&D management)
  • 280700 Technosphere safety (Health and safety in technosphere)

Graduate studies (Master programs):

  • 080200 Management
  • 080400 Personnel management
  • 222000 Innovation (Global innovations and technology management)
  • 222600 Research-intensive production management (Hi-tech management)

The President of the Institute: Dmitry G.Evseev, Distinguished Scholar of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Engineering

The Director of the Institute: Peter F.Bestemyanov, Doctor of Engineering