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MIIT Gymnasium is a subsidiary of Moscow University of Railway Engineering (Order of Ministry of Railways №51l p of May 23, 2003.)

MIIT Gymnasium carries out teaching and bringing-up programmes for children from pre-school age to 11th grade of high school. Gymnasium has around 600 students with about 25 students in each class.

The academic programme of the gymnasium was worked out taking into account educational requirements of children of both pre-school and school age. A system of continuity between pre-school, primary, secondary and high education is being formed at the gymnasium matching all the latest educational standards.

The gymnasium has a structure as follows:

  • pre-school classes for future students based on the “From childhood to adolescence” programme;

  • elementary education based on 4-year model for elementary schools (lst-4lh grades);

  • secondary education (5lh-9lh grades) and high school programme (10th- 11th grades) focused on English and some other subjects.

All students starting from the 2nd grade have English classes based on syllabus for schools with emphasis on English. Starting from the 6th grade all students begin to learn a second foreign language (German, French or Spanish). In the 11th grade there exists a preparatory programme for students who aim at taking the FCE (First Certificate in English) international exam. There are also classes with the focus on Arts and Sciences.

The classes at the gymnasium are held five days a week with an additional sixth day on Saturday, when the students can brush up their basic knowledge in major subjects by visiting libraries, museums, exhibitions and by travelling to the cities of Russia and neighboring countries. The students also take part in the International youth festival of classical theatre held annually in Italy for members of European association of lyceums and gymnasiums. Among our students are winners of international contests, Olympiads of all levels including nationwide ones, as well as participants of scientific conferences for high school students.

Highly qualified teachers make up the teaching staff of the gymnasium. All of them have higher education, more than half have the Top and the First qualification categories. Two Honored Teachers of the Russian Federation, two Soros grant winners, a Candidate of pedagogic sciences, two corresponding members of the Academy of creative pedagogy, three “Distinguished Railwaymen”, twenty- eight “Excellent Achievers in Public Education” and ten gymnasium alumni work at our gymnasium. More than half of all teachers have awards of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Railways and other state awards. On numerous occasions was the gymnasium the winner in the “School of the Year” contest. It was awarded with the “School of the Century” diploma and a UNESCO certificate for the educational programme “The system of cooperation among peoples”.

Director of the gymnasium Mirushina Oksana Ivanovna

Address: 12, 3'd Mytishinskaya st., Moscow, 129626

Tel. (495) 687-66-37

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