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Alexei M.Davydov graduated from MIIT in 1976 majoring in “Applied mathematics”. In 1976-1998 - engineer, junior researcher, postgraduate student, teacher and assistant professor of “Physics-1” chair of MIIT. Alexei M.Davydov shares his teaching career with research activities: he has over 50 scientific and methodological publications and several patents for his inventions. In 1998-2003 he worked as deputy executive secretary and then executive secretary of the University’s Admissions Commission. In 2004 he was appointed deputy director of the Humanitarian institute in charge of academic activities. The same year he was appointed head of Coordinating and Analytical Centre for training research and academic personnel and transport experts, head of postgraduate and doctoral studies of MIIT. In 2008 Alexei M.Davydov was appointed pro-rector for innovative and personnel development, in 2009 – pro-rector for innovations and informatization. He has been pro-rector in charge of innovations since 2010.

Alexei M.Davydov has awards as follows: Honorary diploma of Ministry of Railway Transport – in 1992, “For Valor” IInd degree medal awarded by Federal Service for Railway Troops of the Russian Federation – in 2002, breastplate “Distinguished Railwayman” – in 2003, breastplate “Distinguished Figure of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation – in 2007.